Was Individual Arrested for Disorderly Conduct After Being Given Ample Proper Warning ?

In State v. Lorenzo, Lake App. No. 2001-L0053, 2002 Ohio 3495, the police were called to the scene because of the defendant's own conduct, which involved a pushing match and altercation between the defendant and his own father. The police were told to get to the scene quickly because the son was beating the father. 2002 Ohio 3495, at P29. When the police arrived, the defendant appeared intoxicated and was repeatedly screaming, "Get this M'fer off my property." Id. at PP3-4. The police also noticed that the father had large abrasions and red marks on his face. Id. Although an officer tried to defuse the situation by repeatedly instructing the defendant to calm down and relax, the defendant continued to scream loudly. After further attempts to bring the defendant under control were futile, the officer gave a final warning to the defendant that he should calm down or he would be arrested. The defendant answered, "Fuck you." Id. at P4. He was then arrested for disorderly conduct.