What Is the Doctrine of Quantum Meriut and When Is It Awarded ?

In Brose v. Bartlemay, (Apr. 16, 1997), 1st Dist. No. C-960423, 1997 Ohio App. the Court stated, "Quantum meruit is an equitable doctrine resting on the principle that an individual should not be permitted to unjustly enrich himself or herself at another's expense without making compensation or restitution for the benefits received." "Quantum meruit is generally awarded when one party confers some benefit upon another without receiving just compensation for the reasonable value of services rendered." Quantum meruit implies a promise to pay the reasonable value of services rendered or materials supplied by one person for another where the services or materials are knowingly and voluntarily accepted by the recipient. The law presumes that the services or materials were given and received in the expectation of payment and implies a promise to pay what they are worth.