Prejudicial Jury Instructions Cases In Oregon

Cases in which a jury instruction was found to be a prejudicial comment on the evidence: State v. Girard, 34 Ore. App. 85, 89, 578 P.2d 415 (1978) (flight instruction improper); see also State v. Felty, 35 Ore. App. 735, 582 P.2d 478, rev den 284 Ore. 80a (1978) (flight instruction was an impermissible comment on the evidence where it "essentially directed the jury to draw a certain inference"); State v. Wright, 31 Ore. App. 1345, 1348, 572 P.2d 667 (1977) (instruction that concealment of evidence could be considered evidence of guilt was improper because it focused on only one possible inference).