Can a Sign Permit Be Revoked If It Met the Definition of An Accessory Sign ?

Can a Sign Permit be Revoked if it Met the Definition of an Accessory Sign as it Advertised a Brand and Stated that it was Sold at the Adjacent Distributer ? In Society Created to Reduce Urban Blight (SCRUB) et al. v. Zoning Board of Adjustment, City of Philadelphia, et al., (Pa. Cmwlth., No. 1536 C.D. 2001, 813 A.2d 44, filed November 7, 2002) (Aramingo Avenue) Antar Associates purchased an easement, at a cost of $ 75,000, for land on which it erected a sign next to a beer distributor, Salmon's Distributors, also located on the property. The sign contained an advertisement for Yuengling Beer and stated that this beer could be purchased at Salmon's Distributors. The City revoked the sign permit, and the Zoning Board reinstated the permit, concluding that the sign was being used for advertising accessory to Salmon's Distributors. The trial court reversed and on appeal, this Court reversed the trial court. In doing so, we deferred to the Zoning Board's determination that the sign met the definition of an accessory sign because it advertised a brand of beer and stated that it was sold at the adjacent beer distributor.