Can Dot Suspend a Licensee's Operating Privileges Under the Provisions of the Compact If the Offense Occured Prior to Its Enactment ?

In Schrankel v. DOT, Bureau of Driver Licensing, 562 Pa. 337, 755 A.2d 690 (2000), the licensee was arrested for DUI in Ohio on March 5, 1995, prior to Pennsylvania's enactment of the Compact on December 10, 1996. On March 21, 1997, Licensee was convicted of the offense, and Ohio reported the conviction to Department of Transportation (DOT). The issue was whether DOT could suspend the licensee's operating privileges under the Compact when the offense occurred prior to Pennsylvania's enactment of the Compact. The court held that "the triggering date for the suspension provisions in the Compact, due to a DUI committed in another state, is the date of the conviction for such DUI." Schrankel, 562 Pa. at 341, 755 A.2d at 692. Therefore, DOT could suspend the driver's license.