Can the Evidence of Cocaine Be Supressed If the Defendant Had Been Frisked on the Basis of a Radio Report About Him and His Location ?

In Commonwealth v. Jackson, 548 Pa. 484, 698 A.2d 571 (1997), the police received a radio report that a man with a green jacket was carrying a gun and could be found in a particular location. Within two minutes of receiving the report, the officer arrived at the location where the individual was reported to be and observed an individual with a green jacket, the appellant Jackson, merely standing there and doing nothing else. The police officer exited his vehicle and frisked Jackson. During the course of the search, a small key box fell to the ground near where Jackson was standing. The key box contained cocaine. Id. at 487, 698 A.2d at 572. Jackson was arrested and sought to have the evidence of the cocaine suppressed. This suppression motion was denied by the Municipal Court of Philadelphia and upheld by both the Court of Common Pleas and our Court. The Supreme Court reversed.