Contractual Terms Which Impair the Independence of Judiciary Supervisory Powers

In Lehigh County v. Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board, 507 Pa. 270, 489 A.2d 1325 (1985), the Supreme Court did reference "consultation" with judges, and "input" therefrom, in relation to their supervisory powers under Section 1620 within the context of collective bargaining, but did not, as Detectives assert herein, hold mere consultation and/or input to be adequate to satisfy Section 1620's express reservation of supervisory powers. The Supreme Court expressly stated: Contractual terms which actually impair the independence of the judiciary's supervisory powers under Section 1620 must be declared void and agreements countenancing such terms would totally defeat the purposes of PERA. Lehigh County, 507 Pa. at 279, 489 A.2d 1330.