Does Employer's Saying ''There's the Door'' Amounted to a Discharge ?

In White v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, 200 Pa. Super. 357, 188 A.2d 759 (Pa. Super. 1963), the claimant and the employer got into a heated argument during the claimant's shift that ended with the employer stating "I am the boss and she is the boss (the employer's wife) -- If you don't like it, there is the door." Id. at 760. The superior court held that a claimant's discharge from employment can be inferred from such language as "pick up your pay," "turn in your key," "pull your time card" and "turn in your uniform," id. at 760, and that, under all the circumstances in this record, the words "there is the door" amounted to a discharge. Claimant maintains that Mox's directive to "park your truck" carries with it the same immediacy and finality of a discharge as the employer's statement "there is the door" in White and offered him no "real choice" between remaining at work or leaving.