Does Serving An Injuction Order Upon Striking Employees Come Under Court-Related Statutory Duties of Deputy Sheriffs ?

In Township of Falls, Bucks County v. Pennsylvania Labor Relations Bd., 14 Pa. Commw. 494, 322 A.2d 412, 414 (Pa. Cmwlth. 1974), the union argued that the deputies should be classified as guards under Section 604(3) because they would be required to enforce injunctions in the event of a strike by court-related employees. This Court, however, rejected this argument noting that "serving an injunction order upon striking employees is a function delegated to the deputy sheriffs pursuant to their court-related statutory duties." Id. at 625. "That function does not involve enforcing the employer's rules to protect County property and safety of persons as in Washington County where the deputy sheriffs were assigned to the picket line at the request of the county commissioners." Id.