Failure to Thrive Case In Pennsylvania

In Commonwealth v. Tharp, 574 Pa. 202 n. 12, 830 A.2d 519, 526 n. 12 (2003), cert. denied, 541 U.S. 1045, 124 S. Ct. 2161, 158 L. Ed. 2d 736 (2004), this Court stated: Failure to thrive is a serious medical condition in which a child's height, weight, and motor development fall significantly short of the average growth rates of normal children. About 10% of failure to thrive cases have an organic cause; the rest result from disturbed parent-child relationships manifested in severe physical and emotional neglect of the child. In the Interest of Patricia S., 326 Pa. Super. 434, 474 A.2d 318, 319 (Pa. Super. 1984)(citing Interdisciplinary Glossary on Child Abuse and Neglect, LEGAL, MEDICAL, SOCIAL WORK TERMS, DHEW Pub. No. (OHDS) 78-30137, reprinted in CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT LITIGATION, DHHS Pub. No. (OHDS) 80-30268 (March 1981)).