Judgment May Be Attacked for Lack of Jurisdiction at Any Time

A court must have personal jurisdiction over a party to enter a judgment against it. "Action taken by a court without jurisdiction is a nullity." Dubrey v. Izaguirre, 454 Pa. Super. 504, 685 A.2d 1391, 1393 (Pa.Super. 1996). Moreover, this Court has held that a judgment may be attacked for lack of jurisdiction at any time, id.; or if the judgment had been obtained by fraud, duress or mutual mistake. Mac's Car City, Inc. v. DiLoreto, 238 Conn. 172, 679 A.2d 340, 345-46 n. 9 (Conn. 1996). Lastly, the full faith and credit clause does not require recognition for a judgment of a sister state rendered without jurisdiction. Art. IV, Sec. 1 of the United States Constitution; Gersenson v. Life and Health Ins. Guar., 1999 PA Super 69, 729 A.2d 1191, 1195 (Pa. Super. 1999).