Pennsylvania Ordinance Which Limits the Number of Times a Municipal Officer Can Stand for Reelection

In City Council of Bethlehem v. Marcincin, 512 Pa. 1, 515 A.2d 1320 (1986), the issue was whether "a third class municipality operating under ... the Charter Law, Act of July 15, 1957, P.L. 901, as amended, 53 P.S. 41101 - 41625, has authority to promulgate an ordinance limiting the number of times a municipal officer can stand for reelection." Id. at 9, 515 A.2d at 1324 . The Court found that it did because neither the Charter Law nor other statutory authority precluded the City Council of Bethlehem from enacting an ordinance imposing term limits on the city's mayor. Id. at 11, 515 A.2d at 1325.