Pennsylvania Turf Club Application Case

In Southco, Inc. and Contact II, Inc. v. Concord Twp., 552 Pa. 66, 71, 713 A.2d 607, 609 (1998), the Supreme Court held the applicant's proposed Turf Club was a permitted restaurant use by right because, as required by the ordinance's definition of "restaurant," it "would devote a significant amount of space, manpower and money towards the sale and consumption of food and beverages." Southco, 552 Pa. at 73, 712 A.2d at 610. This holding was premised on the Turf Club utilizing 75% of the building for the sale and consumption of food and beverage; having the capacity for private parties and banquets; and, utilizing the majority of the proposed employees for the sale of food and beverages. Id. 552 Pa. at 72-73, 712 A.2d at 610.