Release of Claim Car Accident Form Example

In Buttermore v. Aliquippa Hospital, 522 Pa. 325, 561 A.2d 733 (1989), our Pennsylvania Supreme Court addressed whether a release was a general release. On December 3, 1981, Buttermore had been involved in an automobile accident with Moser. Buttermore suffered head lacerations, a cervical injury, and numbness of his hands and feet. He was transported by ambulance to Aliquippa Hospital (Hospital) where he was examined and treated. After the initial treatment, it was determined that Buttermore suffered a neck fracture in the accident. On November 14, 1983, Buttermore executed a release of his claim against Moser for $ 25,000. Buttermore, 522 Pa. at 327, 561 A.2d at 734. The release stated: I/We being of lawful age, for myself/ourselves, my/our heirs, administrators, executors, successors and assigns hereby remise, release, acquit and forever discharge Frances Moser, et al. His/her successors and assigns, and/or his, her, their, and each of their associates, heirs, executors and administrators and any and all other persons, associations and/or corporations, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, past, present and future claims, demands, damages, actions, third party actions, causes of action, or suits at law or in equity, indemnity of whatever nature, for or because of any matter or thing done, omitted or suffered to be done, on account of or arising from damage to property, bodily injury or death resulting or to result from an accident which occurred on or about the 3rd day of December 1981 at or near Aliquippa, Pennsylvania for which I/We have claimed the said Frances Moser, et al. to be legally liable, but this release shall not be construed as an admission of liability.Buttermore, 522 Pa. at 327-328, 561 A.2d at 734.