Request of Accounts Vouchers or Contracts Under the Right to Know Act

In LaValle v. Office of General Counsel, 564 Pa. 482, 769 A.2d 449 (2001), the Supreme Court explained that the Right to Know Act (RTKA) request sometimes involves information that is not facially classified as an "account, voucher or contract." Records that do not appear to qualify as "accounts, vouchers or contracts" have been held to be public records where the information requested was sufficiently connected to or closely related to these statutory categories. LaValle, 564 Pa. at 493-494, 769 A.2d at 456; North Hills News Record v. Town of McCandless, 555 Pa. 51, 722 A.2d 1037 (1999). The RTKA favors public access regarding any expenditure of public funds.