Section 27 of the Arbitration Act Interpertation

In Weber v. Lynch, 473 Pa. 599, 375 A.2d 1278 (1977), our Supreme Court addressed appeals taken from compulsory arbitration and stated: We therefore conclude that, although section 27 of the Arbitration Act provides for de novo appeals from compulsory arbitration, the legislature intended such appeals, once perfected, to proceed to trial with no evidentiary limitations upon the parties other than those which would be applicable to an original trial. It is significant in this regard that an award made pursuant to compulsory arbitration is not itself a judgment... Pursuant to a "constitutional right of appeal for trial de novo," one's right to trial by jury must remain "unfettered." We hold that the statutory right to a de novo appeal instantly includes the unfettered right to present at trial competent and relevant evidence. Id., 473 Pa. at 610, 375 A.2d at 1283.