Section 761(A)(1) of the Judicial Code

Pursuant to Section 761(a)(1) of the Judicial Code, the Commonwealth Court shall have original and exclusive jurisdiction over civil actions against the Commonwealth government, with specified exceptions not relevant here. 42 Pa. C.S. 761(a)(1). In Ballroom, LLC v. Commonwealth, 984 A.2d 582 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2009), the Court explained: It is well settled that merely naming the Commonwealth or a Commonwealth party as one of several defendants does not necessarily establish this Court's original jurisdiction under Section 761. This Court has original jurisdiction in a suit against a Commonwealth party and non-Commonwealth parties only when the Commonwealth party is indispensable. In general, an indispensable party is one whose interests are so connected with the litigant's claim that no relief can be granted without infringing upon that party's rights. A Commonwealth party may be declared an indispensable party when meaningful relief cannot conceivably be afforded without the Commonwealth party's direct involvement in the action. Id. at 587-88.