What Happens If Employer Says ''There's the Door'' and Employees Leave ?

In Monaco v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, 523 Pa. 41, 565 A.2d 127 (1989), the supreme court held that: the employees had voluntarily quit their employment when they left during work hours despite the employer's ultimatum that if the employees did not like the situation, "there's the door"; and if any of the employees walked out the door, they would be deemed to have quit their jobs. 523 Pa. 41, 44, 565 A.2d 127, 129 (1989). The court held that under the circumstances in the record the employer's language did not provide the finality and immediacy required to establish a discharge because the employer allowed the employees the opportunity to remain employed by completing their shift but reasonably declined to allow the employees to leave during their shift. Id. at 44, 565 A.2d at 129.