What Is 'Bond Law' and Who Has Discretion of Jurisdiction Over It ?

In Valley Forge Industries v. Armand Constr., 248 Pa. Super. 53, 374 A.2d 1312 (Pa. Super. 1977), the Court, en banc, concluded that the Bond Law "is an 'act of the General Assembly regulating the affairs of political subdivisions, municipality and other local authorities or other public corporations ... within the meaning of [ 762 of the Judicial Code].'" Valley Forge, 374 A.2d at 1315. Therefore, the Court determined that the appeal properly lay with the Commonwealth Court. Nonetheless, the Court recognize, as was the case in Valley Forge, that since the Appellees did not contest our jurisdiction, the appeal is perfected and we have discretion to retain jurisdiction. Id at 1316. See also 42 Pa. C.S.A. 704(a) and Pa.R.A.P. 741(a).