Will An Unwed Mother's Signing An Entrustment Agreement and Leaving the Child With a Family Be Considered Adoption

In In re Baby Boy S., 420 Pa. Super. 37, 615 A.2d 1355 (Pa. Super. 1992) the mother of the child gave birth to him when she was eighteen years old. Shortly after the birth, the mother took up residence in a shelter for unwed mothers. While there, the mother approached the operator and owner of the shelter, Mrs. Labish, regarding "possible adoption of her child." In re Baby Boy S., 615 A.2d at 1357. Thereafter, the Kleins, who had earlier inquired about adopting a child through Mrs. Labish, were selected to receive the child. A meeting was arranged at the Klein's home, "during which time the mother was shown the house, and became acquainted with the Kleins." Id. The next day, the mother left town after she signed an entrustment agreement with the Kleins that had been prepared by the Kleins' attorney. See id.