Armsterdam v. Puente

In Armsterdam v. Puente, 16 P. R. Rep. 527, 532, the Supreme Court of Porto Rico said: "We think it is a fair deduction, from the provisions of the Civil Code heretofore in existence, as well as the practice and jurisprudence in this regard, that, without some authentic act which reveals the will of the father to give the child a status, the child has only a right of action to compel the father to confer such status. Section 135 of the Spanish Civil Code and section 193 of the Porto Rican Civil Code provide for the cases when a father is compelled to acknowledge his illegitimate child. He can be compelled by an action, and the necessity for such action can only be said to be dispensed with when there are some solemn acts on the part of the father, which show that this obligation has already been performed."