Aiudi v. Pepin

In Aiudi v. Pepin, 417 A.2d 320 (R.I. 1980), the Court interpreted a former police officer's rights to medical and salary benefits under 45-19-1. In that case, Aiudi received benefits for job-related injuries while serving as a police officer, but six years later, was terminated for cause. Aiudi was still receiving the medical benefits when he was terminated. As a result, he asserted that he was entitled to both salary and medical benefits pursuant to the statute. Id. at 320-21. The Court determined, however, that Aiudi was not entitled to salary benefits because, at the time of his demand, he was not eligible to receive a salary. Id. at 321. The Court characterized the statutory provision, which required the municipality to pay an incapacitated police officer salary benefits, as "self-declaratory," and required such payments only if the officer would have been entitled to receive the salary had he not been incapacitated. Id.