Abney v. State

In Abney v. State, 394 S.W.3d 542, 547 (Tex. Crim. App. 2013), the facts did not support a finding of reasonable suspicion. The traffic sign at issue was at least fifteen miles (and as many as twenty-seven miles) from the location of the stop. Id. at 545. This distance was too great on its own to support a reasonable-suspicion finding. Id. at 550. Additionally, the defendant was in the process of making a legal left hand turn when he was stopped. Id. at 545. Had he complied with the "left lane for passing only" sign, he would have committed other traffic violations, such as turning left into a crossover from the right hand lane. Id. at 549. The court determined that the stop was not justified by reasonable suspicion. Id. at 550.