Barber v. Intercoast Jobbers & Brokers

In Barber v. Intercoast Jobbers & Brokers, 417 S.W.2d 154 (Tex. 1967), a truck driver working for Intercoast Jobbers and Brokers, had driven a company truck loaded with grain from Lamesa toward California for delivery there. While en route, he intended to stop at his home in Odessa to spend the night and get some clean clothes for the trip. This diversion had been approved by Intercoast. On the way to his home in Odessa, he was involved in a collision which was the subject of the case before the court. The court determined that there was some evidence that the truck driver was within the course and scope of his employment with Intercoast Jobbers and Brokers at the time of the collision. Barber, 417 S.W.2d at 158-59.