Campos v. State

In Campos v. State, 927 S.W.2d 232 (Tex. App. - Waco 1996, no pet.), the defendant pleaded no contest and judicially confessed to the offense of injury to a child. Id. at 234. The indictment contained an allegation that Campos used a deadly weapon in the commission of the offense. Id. The trial court accepted Campos's plea and ordered a pre-sentence investigation. Id. At the sentencing hearing which followed, a visiting judge found Campos guilty and sentenced him to seventy-five years imprisonment. Id. The visiting judge also stated on the record that there would be no deadly weapon finding. Id. The sitting judge then signed the judgment, which included a deadly weapon finding. Id. at 236. The Waco Court of Appeals found that the deadly weapon finding was improper and reformed the judgment to delete it. Id. at 236-37.