Castilleja v. Camero

In Castilleja v. Camero, 414 S.W.2d 424 (Tex. 1967), two Texas families agreed "to jointly purchase a lottery ticket in the Mexican National Lottery." Id. at 425. When one ticket won, the purchaser denied the existence of any proceed-sharing agreement. Id. The Texas Supreme Court stated: "The agreement . . . to jointly purchase a ticket in the National Lottery of Mexico and to divide the proceeds, if any, was not an illegal contract. It neither violated nor aided in the violation of any gaming statute of Texas. The only other jurisdiction involved was Mexico. In Mexico, the purpose of the contract had the express approval of the Mexican government in that the Mexican government has a revenue interest in the lottery. Thus the agreement was to do a lawful thing--participate in the National Lottery of Mexico, in a lawful manner--by going to Mexico." Id. at 426. The court held, "A contract which is made in one jurisdiction but which relates to and is performed in another jurisdiction is governed by the law of the place of performance." Id.