Chambers v. Conaway

In Chambers v. Conaway, 883 S.W.2d 156 (Tex. 1993) the plaintiff alleged that her doctor did not diagnose her breast cancer despite her complaint about a lump in her breast and her numerous visits to the doctor for ailments unrelated to that complaint. Chambers, 883 S.W.2d at 159. The plaintiff presented summary-judgment evidence establishing that her doctor had a duty to perform follow-up tests and to monitor any conditions of which he had notice -- including a lump in the plaintiff's breast. Chambers, 883 S.W.2d at 158. The Court concluded that the doctor allegedly breached this duty on the specific dates when the plaintiff visited the doctor. Chambers, 883 S.W.2d at 159. Because the tort dates were ascertainable, we refused to apply a course-of-treatment analysis, and we held that limitations began to run from the date the plaintiff last saw the doctor. Chambers, 883 S.W.2d at 159.