City of Dallas v. Hillis

In City of Dallas v. Hillis. 308 S.W.3d 526, 532 (Tex. App.--Dallas 2010, pet. denied), the plaintiffs contended that the city's police officers were negligent in "initiating and continuing a high-speed chase contrary to the no-chase policy of the Dallas Police Department." Id. The Hillis court rejected the notion that immunity was waived simply because a collision took place in the context of a police chase because "the causal nexus is not satisfied by the mere involvement of a vehicle, nor by an operation or use that 'does no more than furnish the condition that makes the injury possible.'" Id. The court of appeals observed: "when an alleged cause is geographically, temporally, or causally attenuated from the alleged effect, that attenuation will tend to show that the alleged cause did no more than furnish the condition that made the effect possible." Id.