City of Taylor v. Hodges

In City of Taylor v. Hodges, 143 Tex. 441, 186 S.W.2d 61 (Tex. 1945), the Court considered a suit between two governmental entities -- a city and a county -- concerning the unauthorized payment of public funds from one to the other. The City of Taylor sued Williamson County for the reimbursement of these funds. In Hodges, the Court followed the reasoning of Jones County v. Moore, 4 S.W.2d 289 (Tex. Civ. App.--Eastland 1928, writ ref'd), which held that a private citizen's "right to institute suit" did not accrue until after his claim had been rejected by the commissioners court. Id. at 293. Following that analysis, the Court held in Hodges that the right to sue accrued, and limitations began to run, on the date the county rejected the claim.