Collins v. State (1992)

In Collins v. State, 829 S.W.2d 894, 896-97 (Tex. App. -- Dallas 1992, no pet.), the court of appeals held, in the face of a stipulation to the contrary, that the precursor to Tex. Transp. Code Section 545.420(5) provided probable cause to arrest the defendant. There was evidence that, when the traffic light turned from green to red, the defendant's truck accelerated "to the point that the tires could not grab onto the pavement and made a screeching noise burning off." Id. at 897. There was also evidence that the truck "fishtailed a bit" and "began to go out of control." Id. The appellant had argued that the statute prohibited competitions between two or more drivers, but the court rejected that argument. Collins, 829 S.W.2d at 896-97.