Dade v. Dade

In Dade v. Dade, No. 01-05-00912-CV, 2007 WL 1153053 (Tex. App-Houston [1st Dist.] Apr. 19, 2007, no pet.), the appellant filed an appeal contending that the trial court erred by entering a "turnover order" in a case involving the post-divorce dispersal of funds according to a divorce decree and qualified domestic relations order. The Court noted held that the "turnover order" was not rendered pursuant to the turnover statute, 2 but was a judgment rendered pursuant to 9.010. In so holding, the Court pointed out that the trial court's order recited that it was, in fact, a money judgment bearing interest. Id. Because the money judgment was entered pursuant to 9.010, and was not a turnover order, it did not impose any obligation where none existed as argued by the appellant. Id.