Dallas County Bail Bond Bd. v. Stein – Case Brief Summary (Texas)

In Dallas County Bail Bond Bd. v. Stein, 771 S.W.2d 577, 579-80 (Tex. App.--Dallas 1989, writ denied), the board passed a rule that prohibited a licensed bondsman from employing an agent who was a convicted felon. Id. at 578-79.

Stein, a convicted felon, filed suit to enjoin the board from interfering with his employment for a licensed bondsman by enforcing the rule. Id. at 579.

The Stein court noted, "Where a statute expressly authorizes an agency to regulate an industry, it impliedly authorizes the agency to promulgate rules and regulations necessary to accomplish such purpose." Id.

The court held that the board's "broad rule-making power impliedly authorizes the Board to supervise and regulate employees of bondsmen to the extent that such employees perform meaningful duties in the bonding business." Id.