Dimas v. State

In Dimas v. State, 987 S.W.2d 152, 155 (Tex. App.-Fort Worth 1999, pet. ref'd), the police raided the appellant's home and found drugs and rifles in the garage and attached apartment and a pistol in the master bedroom of the main home. Appellant pleaded guilty to drug possession, but denied he owned the guns and argued the evidence was insufficient to prove he used or exhibited a deadly weapon. Appellant denied having access to the garage apartment where the rifles were found, and also argued there was no evidence to connect the pistol found in his home to the drugs found in the garage and apartment. In concluding the evidence supported the deadly weapon finding, the reviewing court noted that the rifles were loaded, readily accessible, and within inches of the cocaine. Id. at 154. It also noted that even though the pistol was found in the main home, away from the drugs, testimony showed that a large amount of drugs and cash were found at the address and that "drug dealers often 'use' weapons to protect themselves, their drugs and their money." Id. at 155.