Enforcing ''Violating Public Policy'' Foreign Law In Texas

Texas courts will not enforce a foreign law that violates good morals, natural justice or is prejudicial to the general interests of our citizens. See Gutierrez v. Collins, 583 S.W.2d 312, 318 (Tex. 1979). As the Supreme Court recognized in Gutierrez in analyzing the public policy ramifications of applying the laws of Mexico and in rejecting the "dissimilarity doctrine," it is clear that the laws of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, respectively, are different than ours in many respects. Id. However, these differences by no means render the laws of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan violative of Texas public policy. Id. The laws of these nations have been in place and followed for many years, if not many centuries. Their laws are well-established, predictable, and certain. Neither nation recognizes tort causes of action for interference with existing or prospective contractual relations nor civil conspiracy.