Ex parte Simpson – Case Brief Summary (Texas)

In Ex parte Simpson, 77 S.W.3d 894, 895 (Tex. App.--Tyler 2002, no pet.), the capital murder defendant was a juvenile certified for trial as an adult.

He was a life-long resident of the county, but he was also a member of a violent street gang and had written letters from jail that the court of appeals described as "incredibly shocking." Id.

The court, having previously determined that a $ 1,000,000 bail was excessive, affirmed the trial court's decision to set bail at $ 600,000. Id. at 898.

In Ex parte Simpson, the defendant was a gang member charged with capital murder for a "brutal, gang-related murder."

The court described the circumstances as "a violent, unprovoked killing that suggests an appalling lack of concern for human life." Id.

The court described Simpson as "an individual with a violent and unrepentant nature," and affirmed the trial court's setting of bond at $600,000.00. Id. at 895, 897.