Example of a Directed Witness Question

In McWherter v. State, 607 S.W.2d 531, 535 (Tex. Crim. App. 1980), the officer assisting in the arrest of the defendant testified on direct examination that he would classify the defendant "as being mean." On cross-examination, the witness was asked, ". . . you would never even think to say he was mean without this prosecutor suggesting it to you, would you?" Id. The witness responded he had come to his conclusion when the defendant had given a statement that he had used the pistol found on him to shoot at a bailiff and that the credit cards found on him had been taken from a woman in a robbery. Id. The McWherter court described the testimony as a question directed to the witness by the defendant's counsel, and that the trial court's instruction to disregard cured any error. McWherter, 607 S.W.2d at 535-36.