Gulf Energy Pipeline Co. v. Garcia – Case Brief Summary (Texas)

In Gulf Energy Pipeline Co. v. Garcia, 884 S.W.2d 821, 824 (Tex. App.--San Antonio 1994, orig. proceeding), the San Antonio Court of Appeals found mandamus to be proper where the relator, who was seeking to condemn an easement for a pipeline, faced a sixty-day delay in the condemnation proceeding due to the trial court's interference and penalties and expenses associated with the delay.

The Garcia court concluded that "neither the district court nor a court of appeals has any mechanism by which it could return the expedited procedure and costs of which the relator was deprived." Id.

The court also held that mandamus relief is generally proper when a judicial body operates to deny a litigant a peculiar right or directly interferes with the jurisdiction of another court or administrative body. Id.