Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 4 - Interpretation

Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 4 dictates how the time period set out in Rule 63 is computed. When computing a period of time "prescribed or allowed" by the rules of civil procedure, "the day of the act . . . after which the designated time period begins to run" is not included. TEX. R. CIV. P. 4. "The last day of the period so computed is to be included." In Sosa v. Central Power & Light, 909 S.W.2d 893, 895 (Tex. 1995), the plaintiffs filed a second amended original petition on November 10, 1993, with the summary judgment hearing at issue scheduled for November 17, 1993. Sosa, 909 S.W.2d at 894. The court found this petition to be timely filed. Id. at 895.