Voter Registration Transfer to Another Precinct In Texas

In Culberson v. Palm. 451 S.W.2d 927 (Tex. Civ. App.--Houston [14th Dist.] 1970), Culberson sought a mandamus directing party officials to place his name on the Republican primary ballot as a candidate for precinct chairman. According to the record, Culberson had sold his home in another precinct in December 1969 with an agreement that his family and he could continue to occupy the home. In late January 1970, Culberson and his family began moving smaller items into their new home. On February 3, professional movers completed the job. The ballot deadline was on February 2, and Culberson applied for a place on the ballot on that date. Culberson, 451 S.W.2d at 927-28. On February 2, Culberson's official voter registration remained in the former precinct. Pursuant to his request, the registrar issued a certificate of transfer of his registration to the new precinct on February 20. Party officials in Harris County determined that Culberson's voter registration conclusively established that he was not a resident of the new precinct when he applied for a position on the ballot. Id. at 928. The Fourteenth Court disagreed, observing that the "fact that he had earlier registered as a voter in precinct 15 does not establish that he was not a resident of precinct 222 on February 2." Id. at 929.