What Is the Legal Definition of ''Imposed'' ?

The word "imposed" is derived from the Latin word "imponere," to put upon. Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, p. 571 (1981 ed). In the most current West edition of Black's Law Dictionary, "impose" is defined as "to levy or exact (a tax or duty)." Black's Law Dictionary, p. 759 (West 7th ed. 1999). In an earlier edition of the same dictionary, "impose" was defined as "to levy or exact as by authority; to lay as a burden, tax, duty or charge." Black's Law Dictionary, p. 680 (West 5th ed. 1979). In the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest recorded use of "impose" was "to lay (a crime, etc.) to the account of; to impute, charge." Oxford English Dictionary, vol. VII, p. 731, no. 3 (2d ed. 1989). Even in more modern use, the OED defines impose as "to lay on, as something to be borne, endured, or submitted to; to inflict (something) on or upon; to levy or enforce authoritatively or arbitrarily." Id. at no. 4. As a further explanation, the OED defines "impose" as "to put or subject (a person, etc.) to a penalty, observance, etc." Id. at no. 4(d). In Webster's, "impose" is defined as "to establish or apply as compulsory." Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, p. 571 (1981 ed). In all of the definitions, "impose" is associated with the act of placing a penalty or charge upon a person; in none of the definitions is "impose" associated with the notice of the penalty or charge. There is no case law interpreting when a suspension is "imposed" for purposes of Texas Local Government Code Section 143.117. In interpreting a statute, we must to construe it according to its plain language. Republic Bank Dallas, N.A. v. Interkal, Inc., 691 S.W.2d 605, 607 (Tex.1985). Section 143.117 provides that if the City does not impose the suspension within 180 days after the complaint, the suspension is void. However, nothing in Section 143.117 defines the word "imposed."