''A Lawyer's Word Is His Bond''

Early in his legal career, Abraham Lincoln reportedly said, "a lawyer's word is his bond." John W. Frost, II, You Should Never Take More Than You Give, 70 Fla. B.J. 6 (August 1996): We now live in different times and practice law under much different circumstances. Nonetheless, effective litigation remains dependent on the good-will and co-operation between lawyers and various professionals who are necessary, as witnesses and consultants, to assist the public in pursuing their legal rights. To properly represent their clients, lawyers need cooperation from doctors, accountants and psychologists, to name just a few of the critical professionals. Unless every professional necessary for the court system is confident that lawyers are trustworthy, clients and the system itself will suffer. We believe strongly that lawyers, judges and all others connected with the judicial system must constantly impress upon the public that a lawyer's word can still be trusted.