Alabama By-Products v. Local No. 1881

In Alabama By-Products v. Local No. 1881, 690 F.2d 831 (11th Cir.1982), a temporary restraining order was entered prohibiting the union local from striking over the implementation of a new attendance policy, an issue subject to arbitration. Nevertheless, the union membership walked off the job because of an incident involving the new policy. The morning after the illegal work stoppage had begun, the local held a meeting at which the decision was made not to return to work. The court found that all five of the union officials involved failed to go to work before the meeting, presided over the meeting, and failed to return to work after the meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting a union representative telephoned the employer and informed him that the members would not be returning to work. Furthermore, the union leadership made no attempt to ascertain the reason for the strike. Under these facts, the Court affirmed the finding of contempt against the union and the five union officials individually.