Denial of An Application for the Position of Flight Officer

In Bullington v. United Air Lines, Inc, 186 F.3d at 1311, on three different occasions, namely January 1993, March 1995, and May 1995, the defendant-airline denied the application for the position of flight officer made by the plaintiff, one of the defendant's female ground school academic instructors who also was a certified commercial pilot. The court rejected the plaintiff's contention that the three incidents constituted a continuing violation so as to excuse her failure to file a timely complaint with the EEOC within 300 days of the 1993 incident. Id. at 1310-1311. The court found that although the defendant's 1993 conduct was of the same general type as its 1995 conduct, "the 1993 decision was a discrete and salient event that put the plaintiff on notice that the defendant violated her rights." Id. at 1311.