American Farm Lines v. Black Ball Freight Service

In American Farm Lines v. Black Ball Freight Service, 397 U.S. 532, 90 S.Ct. 1288, 25 L.Ed.2d 547 (1970), the Court held that the Commission's broad powers to "reverse, change, or modify" its decisions "are plainly adequate to add to the findings or firm them up as the Commission deems desirable, absent any collision or interference with the District Court." Id., at 541, 90 S.Ct., at 1293. (The applicable statute then provided for review of orders of the Commission by a three-judge District Court, rather than by the Court of Appeals.) In American, the Court deals with a request to enforce the "standard" form of arbitration clause, one that provides for the arbitration of "any disputes, misunderstandings, differences or grievances arising between the parties as to the meaning, interpretation and application of this agreement . . . ."