Atlantic Transport Co. v. Imbrovek

In Atlantic Transport Co. v. Imbrovek, 234 U.S. 52, 34 S.Ct. 733 (1914), the Supreme Court expressly rejected the contention that the tort must, in addition to meeting the locality test, have some connection with a vessel. "It is contended that a maritime tort is one arising out of an injury to a ship caused by the negligence of a ship or a person or out of an injury to a person by the negligence of a ship; that there must either be an injury to a ship or an injury by the negligence of the ship, including therein the negligence of her owners or mariners; and that, as there was no negligence of the ship in the present case, the tort was not maritime. This view we deem to be altogether too narrow." (Id., supra, at p. 61, 34 S.Ct. at p. 735.)