Critical Path Method In Construction Delay Cases

"The critical path method is an efficient way of organizing and scheduling a complex project which consists of numerous interrelated separate projects. Each subproject is identified and classified as to the duration and precedence of work." Haney v. U.S., 230 Ct. Cl. 148, 676 F.2d 584, 595 (1982). A computer analyzes the data to determine the most efficient schedule for the entire project. See id. Some subprojects may be performed at any time without any effect on the completion of the project. Id. Other subprojects must be performed on schedule; otherwise, the entire project will be delayed. Id. "These latter items of work are on the 'critical path.'" Id. During construction, the critical path can change and items not originally on the critical path can become critical. Id. "Thus, if the CPM [critical path model] is to be used to evaluate delay on the project, it must be kept current and must reflect delays as they occur." Fortec Constructors v. U.S., 8 Cl. Ct. 490, 505 (1985), aff'd, 804 F.2d 141 (Fed. Cir. 1986).