Refusing to Permit Access to Perform An Inspection by the Department of Public Health

In Camara v. Municipal Court of City &County of San Francisco, 387 US 523, 87 SCt 1727, 18 LEd2d 930 [1967] the tenant appellant was arrested and charged with violating the San Francisco Housing Code for refusing to permit access to his premises and an inspection by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. The municipal inspector had entered the building to perform the routine annual inspection for possible Housing Code violations. Upon entering the building, he was informed by the building's manager that Mr. Camara, the ground floor lessee, was using part of the premises for residential use in violation of the building's occupancy permit. Mr. Camara refused to provide access to the inspector and denied several other requests for access to his premises, in the absence of a search warrant. The case ultimately went before the United States Supreme Court which held that such warrantless inspections violate the Fourth Amendment. Camara, 387 US 523, 527 [1967].)