Beltran v. Allan

In Beltran v. Allan, 926 P.2d 892 (Utah Ct. App. 1996), cert. denied, 936 P.2d 407 (Utah 1997), the court held that a putative father was not entitled to an evidentiary hearing to establish custody over his child, despite allegations that he repeatedly asserted his intention to establish paternity and contest the adoption, because he did not strictly comply with the statutory requirement that he file a notice of paternity with the Utah Department of Health. See 926 P.2d at 894-96. See also Utah Code Ann. 78-30-4.13(3)(a) (Supp. 1999). While Chapter 30 of the Utah Code has been amended since Beltran was decided, the substance of the statutes dealing with putative fathers has not changed.