Buddensick v. Stateline Hotel, Inc

Buddensick v. Stateline Hotel, Inc., 972 P.2d 928 (Utah Ct. App. 1998), aff'd, 982 P.2d 88 (Utah 1999), reversed the trial court's dismissal of plaintiff's personal injury action and found general personal jurisdiction over Stateline Hotel and Casino ("Stateline"), a Nevada corporation. Buddensick was based on the following facts: Stateline conducted extensive advertising and promotional activities in Utah; it leased or possessed at least five parcels of real property in Utah; it contracted for goods and services with Utah corporations; and it maintained two phone numbers, two post office boxes, and six fax numbers in Utah. 972 P.2d at 931. In Buddensick, the court considered whether the corporate defendant is: (1) engaged in business in this state; (2) licensed to do business in this state; (3) owning, leasing, or controlling property (real or personal) or assets in this state; (4) maintaining employees, offices, agents, or bank accounts in this state; (5) present in that shareholders reside in this state; (6) maintaining phone or fax listings within this state; (7) advertising or soliciting business in this state; (8) traveling to this state by way of salespersons, etc.; (9) paying taxes in this state; (10) visiting potential customers in this state; (11) recruiting employees in this state; (12) generating a substantial percentage of its national sales through revenue generated from in-state customers. Buddensick, 972 P.2d at 930-31.