Chez v. Industrial Commission

In Chez v. Industrial Commission, 90 Utah 447, 62 P.2d 549, 549-50 (Utah 1936), the Court addressed whether a debt owing to the then-SIF was considered a debt owing to the State. To answer the question, it was necessary to "examine the nature of the State Insurance Fund and see what it really is." Id. at 550. The Court defined the State's involvement in the fund by "concluding that the State Insurance Fund, while a public fund in the sense of being administered by a public body, is not public money in the sense that it is money of the state to be used for and on behalf of the state for a state expenditure." Id. at 551. Consequently, we held that "the fund is publicly administered, but its debtors are not debtors to the state. It belongs, not to the state, but to the contributing employers for their mutual benefit. It constitutes a pooling of risks under the auspices of the state." Id.